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Here, individuals, Scientific Institutes, Journals Editorials/Staff, etc. send us their Scientific papers, reviews, thesis, etc. to pass the double blind review process and the edition (if required). Our reviewers and editors will review, evaluate and critique the manuscript, suggest and provide revisions, and shape it into a smooth, worthy piece. They'll make sure everything flows and the research is consistent. The English language is also checked and edited to be standard.
Requests for Manuscripts edition should be emailed to:
How to cooperate with us?
If you are an English traslator, editor or if you can make the layouts base upon the clients requests properly, and you would like to cooperate with us, you can email us to:
Please note that the clients would only pay you after you delivered your work completely and the client is satisfied.



- Scientific edition of manuscripts/researches
- Making the revisions base upon the reviewers` comments
- Making the manuscript layouts in accord with the guidelines needed
- Scientific review, advisory and approval of the papers
- English edition of the papers/researches
- Analytical and statistical analyses
- Data collection
Services for Non-English authors: if you are the author of a book or a paper and you need your work to be revised, edited or to be translated in to fluent English, or if you would like to make the layouts of your work in accord with the publisher guidelines, you should just email your work to the following address and our translators will be in touch with you shortly. Please note that you will only pay after you received you work completely and you are satisfied with it.