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The payment link/url below is related to the authors who would like to pay their paper or research revision/edition fees, also known as paper charges.please note that after you make the payment, your revised paper will be passed to the editors once more for final editions. The English edition fee is also included in your invoice. then the final approved paper will be emailed to you. In case you want your previous approved and published papers to appear on the archive page, you can email us and we will make your research online for the use of other researchers.

Paper fee for a final article with our editorial edition varies base upon the paper length and the scientific and the English status of the paper.

Additional fee may be added to the amount above in case your paper needs serious editions. However, all possible charges will be informed to you via email at the beginning.

1.Scientific edition/revision for each page: $25
2.English edition for each page: $10
3.Paper layout set: $20
4.Final approval of the paper: $100

A paper with 12 pages including the scientific and English edition with a final approval and the layout set would cost:

12p x $25 = $300 Scientific edition
12p x $10 = $120 English edition
$20 Paper layout set
$100 Final approval of the paper


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