“We focuse on Editions and Revisions
of original scientific
Articles and Researches


About Us

Here, individuals, Scientific Institutes, Journals Editorials/Staff, etc. send us their Scientific papers, reviews, thesis, etc. to pass the double blind review process and the edition if required. Our reviewers and editors will evaluate and critique the manuscript, suggest and provide revisions, and shape it into a smooth, worthy piece. They'll make sure everything flows and the research is consistent. The English language is also checked and edited to be standard.
Requests for Manuscripts edition should be emailed to:
Submitted manuscript should be clearly and correctly written and should contain all essential features of a scientific publication, and should be easy to understand for the target audience.
How to cooperate with us?
If you are an English traslator, editor or if you can make the layouts base upon the clients requests properly, and you would like to cooperate with us, you can email us to:
Please note that the clients would only pay you after you delivered your work completely and the client is satisfied.